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January 19 2020

Brayleigh and Prada are expecting puppys eind of februay


January 8 2019

Skylar gave birth to 4 puppies, but only one sable female did make it . Mom and puppy are doinge fine.


December 16 2018

Skylar expect puppies around januari 8 2019


November 19 2018

Brayleigh is promoted to Agilty 3!


November 5 2018

Today we bred Skylar with Mountie. Hopefully we have puppies in January


August 2 2018

Pepper give birth to a nice tri color female


Juli 3 2018

We made an ultrasound and Pepper is expecting!


march 12 2018

Brayleigh give birth to a lovely sable girl. [ not availeble]


february 6 2018

Brayleigh is pregnant


January 7 2018

Today we breed Brayleigh. In februari we make a ultrasound so we know if she is pragnent. Keep your fingers crossed!


November 6 2017

I will introduce Pepper and Skylar. They are the new adition in our kennel. Pepper lives by Kristel and Johnny. Skylar lives by Jeannette and Marjolijn. I am greatfull that they full filed my dreams to continue with my kennel.


Juliy 17 2016

Brayleigh here pups are arrived! See litter plans


July 7 2016

Today we lost our beloved girl Kyrie Finally Bi Mine. she was 11,5 years old!


June 16 2016

The ultra sound confirmed that Brayleigh expect puppies around july 21 2016!
More information on the exect site.

May 18 th 2016

Brayleigh has been bred, pups expecting around July 20th


Januari 26 2016 Update by agility
Januari 17 2016 Update by photos

Januari 13 2016
I updated my website.
We have litter plans and I put all my results from my agilityruns on my Agility page. Also I put some movies of our runs. Enjoy! Update also by the puppy play days page.


September 7 2014 Ivy became today Veteran Champion!
April 19 2014

Ivy and Brayleigh went to show in Goes [NL]
Brayleigh was in baby class and the judge gave her 1 very promissing!

Ivy won
1 CAC best veteran
2de in veteran group!

We had a blast!


October 27 2013

Ivy had a litter of 5 puppies. 2 blue merle males and 1 tri male. 1 blue merle girl and 1 tri girl.

We are so happy mother and kids are doing fine.


September 27 2013

We went for an ultrasound with Jeslyn and the vet confirmd that she is pregnant! October 29 is her due date.


Juli 27 2013

After 3 years we are planning a litter in the fall with Jeslyn. Look at litter plans for the details.


Juli 3 2012

We went to a visit to Brody, Tristan and Duncan. We had a blast....I placed new pictures.


August 3 2011

We get the bad news that Gimli Moddey Cloh Stand Bi me passed away last night.
Annina and Alex I know how much you miss him...........

April 15 2007............... August 3 2011

March 27 2011

We went to show in Luxembourg with Stacey and she get a Exellent!
We are very pleased with this result.


Februari 5 2011

We went to the CAC CACIB show in Eindhoven [NL] and Moddey Cloh Just Teasing and Moddey Cloh One Step at a Time get both 1th place in puppy class. Stacey became best puppy! I am so proud of both dogs!


Januari 6 2011

We have decided to stop breeding.

One of my puppies has epilepsie.
My feeling is that our breed has a big problem.
Because our breed seems to have more instances of epilepsy I have decided to stop breeding for now.
I need to see if only this puppy has this problem or if more of my puppies I have bred will also get epilepsy.
Epilepsy occurs within the 1st 5 yrs.
We are doing research on how this happens, but right now there is no test to see if a dog has epilepsy in his genes. The only way to know is if the dog actually has epilepsy.

I'm very unhappy that we have to stop breeding . A lot of people have said to get another dog, but it could happen with another dog as well. Our limit is 4 shelties so we are now going to enjoy the dogs that we have at home. We also hope that none of our other dogs that we bred have this disease.
You will definately see me at future shows with Stacey and Jeslyn in obedience and conformation.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask. I want the breed to be healthy and I do not breed just to have puppies.

October 30 2010

We went to show today and Stacey Moddey Cloh One Step at a time our youngest girl won best baby in show! We are so proud of her!

Show results Stacey

Duncan earned a very well! Roosje and Duncan did great in the ring!


September 8 2010

I put almost every week new pictures of Stacey on het page.


August 22 2010

Moddey Cloh Designer collection went to show in Mechelen Belgium and won 1st place Excellent in yougt class!

Kristel go go go with Easy!


May 9 2010

Jeslyn puppies has arrived!

7 puppies

2 Tri males
1 Blue merle male
3 tri females
1 Bleu merle female

All puppies found a good home!


April 17 2010

We went to the Show in Goes with 9 puppies! We had a very good time together!

Moddey Cloh Something Different

Moddey Cloh Just my Style

Moddey Cloh Little Intruder

Moddey Cloh Limited Edition

Moddey Cloh Armfull of Fun

Moddey Cloh Designer Colletion

Moddey Cloh Isn't She Lovely

Moddey Cloh Magic Eight Ball

Moddey Cloh Tripple Eight

April 16 2010

Happy Birthday! One year old!

Nio, Easy, Diva, Aibreann, Bowie, Noah, Pebbles & Brody


April 15 2010

Happy Birthday! All ready 3 years old!

Gimli, Skye, Byron, Jeslyn & Onyx!


April 9 2010

My made a ultrasound from Jeslyn and we expect puppies around May 11 2010!


April 5 2010

Nio came for a visted and we had a lovely walk on the dike!



April 3 2010

Today Moddey Cloh Just my style, came for a visit



April 2 2010

Diva went for a visite.

Moddey Cloh Limited Edition!



March 15 2010

Moddey Cloh Whisper Eight
Became in Austria best youth dog 2009!


February 28 2010

CAC CACIB Show Gent [B]
Febrary 28 2010
Judge Mr. Casas Duran Ernesto (Sp)
Moddey Cloh Designer Collection 'Easy'
Youth class 1 Exellent

Congratulations Kristel!

February 27 2010

We visit Brody and he turned out beautiful!


February 13 2010

We wen to the show in Genk [B]

Jeslyn 'Moddey Cloh Step Bi Step' 4 Exellent

Moddey Cloh Designer collection 2 Exellent


December 12 2009

The puppies are doing fine. They are strong.
Their eyes are now open and they can hear. They also started to walk


Jeslyn had her GG2 obedience exam today. And she passed with an exellent 277,5 points! I am so proud of her. The highest level is GG3


November 22 2009

4 puppies are born today all males :-)
2 bi blue males and 2 bi black males! Look at the puppy site.


October 30 2009

We had a blast this week with all the puppy visits!
I put new pictures of Dusty , Ivy and Jeslyn on their pages.


October 25 2009

We went to our Sheltie nationals today. We had a blast. Their were 4 puppies entred from Jeslyn last litter

Puppy class

2nd place Moddey Cloh Just my style [Noah]

3th place Moddey Cloh Little intruder [ Brody]


4th place Moddey Cloh Isn't she lovely [Pebbles]

Moddey Cloh Secret Riddle [ Bowie] no placement


October 20 2009

We came back from the vet and the ultrasound let us see that Ivy is pregnant from Brady!


September 13 2009

Good news about Moddey Cloh Whisper Eight. He was BOB

Weiss/Grüne-dogshow Judenburg 13.09.2009 (judges Fr. Poduschka-Aigner)

We are so proud of Whisper and Lilli!

Vickey and Nio won their puppy obedience class!

Way to go Vickey and Nio!!


September 6 2009

Lots of news! We went to Scotland this year and we saw Gimli! I made a link to Scotland so you can see where we have been!

We have news from Whisper as well!
He is Austrian youth champion!
His hips A elbow and knees o/o
So that is wonderful! Lilli congratulations with our little guy!

We also had a puppy play day on August 29 2009. And we all had a blast together!
I also made a link so you can see how much fun we had!

Aibreann had her show debut on August 30.
She received a 2nd place with very promising!



August 16 2009

We made a trip to Scotland, see the details on the headline Scotland!


July 26 2009

Aibreann 14 weeks

Juli 19 2009


IHA Oberwart CAC CACIB Austria

Juli 19 2009

Moddey Cloh Whisper Eight

11 months

Judge Mevr Silvia Schaffer [A]

9-24 months 1 excellent Best Yought dog
Second place in the FCI group 1
Second place in the FCI group 1 yought dogs

Owner Lilli Kaiser


June 14 2009

It is quiet in our house...............the puppies are to their at new more pattering from little feet..............

The puppies are lovely and very nice.
Good luck in your new homes!


May 28 2009

We went for an eye check and Jeslyn and the whole litter are free from eye problems!


April 27 2009

There is one tricolor female available


April 21 2009

New photo's on the litter page.


April 18 2009

The puppies are doing fine. They all found the way to the milkbar!

About the webcam, sometimes he quit. But we try to keep the webcam working, be petiant!


April 16 2009 Jeslyn gave birth to 8 puppies. 3 Blue merle males 1 tri male 2 blue merle female 2 tri female.

All is well with mother and puppies!
April 15 2009

Happy Birthday second birthday!



March 16 2009

Jeslyn is expecting puppies


February 8 2009

The puppies are 6 months old today . They are all doing fine.
Whipser has a blast in the snow!


February 4 2009

The puppies are already 6 months old. They all doing fine. I am pleased that the puppies have such good homes!





January 4 2009

Every one a Happy New Year!

Cuddy is now in Mexico and she has a blast with Lizbeth!

December 22 2008

We had a Belgium weekend. Saturday Christel and Leo came for a vist to go to the beach. The weather was not so good but we had a great time!

Sunday we went to Amy's house to drop af her pedigree. She lives in a beautiful house with lovely owners! Thank you Karine and Luc for your hospitality!

In the evening we went to Onyx, Jeslyn's brother! We had all a very good time!

December 13 2008

We had obedience exam today and Jeslyn passed het national GGB Exam!

I am so proud of my little girl!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas
and a
Good and Healthy New Year!


November 30 2008

We had an obedience contest today with Jeslyn and Dusty. Jeslyn did GGB and got first place. Dusty did GG 3 and also got the 1th place! I was over the moon! I am so proud of Dusty and Jeslyn!


November 1 2008

Jeslyn and I went to show in Bleiswijk NL .
Jeslyn earned a 2 excellent!
I am so proud of her!

Wesley 12 weeks


October 30 2008

Today I took Whisper to Köln, Germany to meet up with Kaiser. He then took Whisper home on the plane, this was the quickest way. Whisper  did well on the plane and is enjoying his new home.

Good luck Little guy!

Kaiser and Lilli have fun with Whisper!

Whisper is living at Kärntnerland Shelties

October 24 2008

Today Cuddy and Whisper had their  last cuddle together.  Cuddy went to her new owners today she is moving later to Mexico.

Have fun on the other side of the world!


October 21 2008

The puppies went to their new homes and are doing very well.  Cuddy goes to her new owners Friday. They now live in Germany but are moving to Mexico end of this year.  Whisper has to wait until his new owner has time to pick him up.


Whisper & Cuddy

Playing with Jeslyn


September 26 2008

We went for the eye check and all puppies are clear from CEA/CH Cataract and PRA.

Sky was here for a visit. He is stunning



September 17 2008

Today the puppies get chipped. Dr. Tillaart was here to check the litter.

The puppies are nearly 6 weeks old

Times flies when you are having fun!


September 5 2008

The puppies are running, barking and are doing very well! It is fun to see how quick they learn new stuff! They are already 4 weeks old.

Time flies when you are having fun :-)


August 25 2008

The puppies are doing great! They are already two weeks old!

We have litter plans with Jeslyn for mid 2009.

August 15 2008

The puppies are a week old. And they are doing fine! Ivy is a good mum!

My friend also has puppies and has puppies that are available

Kennel Borgs Hof


August 10 2008

The names are:

Moddey Cloh Whisper Eight
Moddey Cloh Triple Eight
Moddey Cloh Eight Dreams come True
Moddey Cloh Magic Eight Ball
Moddey Cloh Eight Crazy Nights
Moddey Cloh OlympicEight


August 8 2008

The puppies are born on August 8 2008 :-)

2 blue merle females
2 blue merle males
2 tricolor males

July 30 2008

The puppies will arrive in about 8 days.  Ivy is so hot inside so every evening we go for a little walk.




July 28 2008

We went to Austria on holiday (vacation) and visited Blackjack. Onyx was also there on holiday.

Jeslyn, Onyx, Espirit [ half sister] Blackjack

July 7 2008

We expect puppies from Ivy and Raymar around 8-8-2008
More details on Litter plans.


June 11 2008

We get the results of Jeslyn her hip test today

HD A norbergwaarde 40

We are very pleased with this result!

Sky his hips where also tested and he has HD B, knees 0/0 ellbows 0/0


May 31 2008

Today we had an obedience contest.

Jeslyn took second place in oberdience B klass.
Dusty took first place in obedience klass G&G 3 and became

Dusty G&G 3

Club winner 2008 KC Scheldezoom!

We are so proud of our dogs!


May 29 2008

Gimli hips, elbows and knees are tested in Finland. The results are : HD A/B and elbows and knees O/O

We are so proud of Gimli and Annina!


April 26 2008

We had our puppy party today! We had a great time. Only Gimli could not come! Perhaps we will meet another time!

Byron, Onyx, Skye, Ivy, Jeslyn

April 20 2008

We know that Ivy is gorgeous! She has brains too!

She passed her Dutch Obedience 1 diploma!

We are so proud of her!




April 16 2008

Happy Birthday!


One year old!

April 15 2008

Happy Birthday!


One Year old!

April 5 2008

We went to the show in Goes [NL]. And Ivy and Skye get a Very well. Skye has 4 th place!


March 9 2008

We went to Crufts, Birmingham, England last weekend.  We did not win but a lot of people came over to see us and pet Ivy.  They all loved her.  We had such a good time.


February 3 2008

We went to a Luxembourgh show today and Jeslyn earned a Very Good.  I was very pleased with this result.  This was her 1st time in the youth class.

Ivy get an Excellent!! And Skye was placed 4th with a Very good!


January 23 2008

New picture of Gimli



January 15 2008

Onyx and Paul passed their first obedience exam! They did great! They had 100 points out of 100!!

We are so proud of them! Keep on going!!

Onyx diploma

Moddey Cloh In Bi Tween



December 21 2007

We had a visit from Skye and Onyx. When Onyx came by it was dark so I could not take pictures of him.......

Jeslyn and Skye had a lot of fun!

Jeslyn en Skye     Skye en Jeslyn

Jeslyn en Skye     Ivy en Skye
Jeslyn and Skye                                    Ivy and Skye

December 12 2007

Jeslyn had her first exam for obedience and she past her exam with an excellent! We are proud of such a good beginning!


December 11 2007

We want to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a sportieve and
good new sheltie year!


November 4 2007

Annina send me new pictures of Gimli! He is stunning!


Gimli 6,5 maanden     Gimli hoofd 6,5 maanden

Moddey Cloh Stand Bi me


October 27 2007

We went to our Dutch sheltie national. Ivy had a very good and Jeslyn Promissing. I am proud of the judges report on Jeslyn.


Balanced but strong head, Nicely rounded muzzle, Good teeth, The darkest of eyes, Slightly heavy ears, Good dept of chest, Strong bone, Straight legs, Good neck and angulation, Level top line good, Good angulation in back legs, Nice hocks, Good length of tail, Good feet!

She is still young and is still growing, but we have time..................... Jeslyn NSV 2007   

Skye NSV 2007  


October 20 2007

We had a great day in Belgium. We went to support Skye and Onyx who were competing from different dog clubs. We had so much fun!


Dusty, Jeslyn, Ivy, Onyx [Paul & Frieda] , Skye, Erka [Christel & Leo]


October 15 2007



Gimli 6 months

October 6 2007

Ivy went to show in Zwolle [nl] and won 1 Ecellent and reserve CACIB. We are proud that her condition is so good after her first litter!


September 12 2007

I received new pictures of Gimli! He looks stunning! He is almost 5 months.


Jeslyn 5 maanden

Jeslyn 5 maanden
Here are some new pictures of Jeslyn.  3 days short of being 5 months old.

September 10 2007

Onyx and Paul had their first obedience competition. They won 1st place in the puppy class and became 2007 Brabo Club Champion.

We are so proud of them!

Beker Onyx 


Onyx plus beker


September 8 2007

Dusty 8 jaar 3 maanden

Sometimes it seems we forget him, but at 8yrs old he still looks stunning!

September 5 2007

Last weekend we visited Byron and Onyx! Byron lives with Géra and Berry in Arnhem in the Netherlands. Onyx lives by Paul and Frieda in Belgium. The puppies are really funny and gorgeous! We had a great time together! Thank you Géra, Berry, Frieda and Paul for the lovely day!


Jeslyn and Byron had a great time running together!!

Byron en Jeslyn rennend 

Jeslyn en Byron
Who is who?


At the dog school where Paul takes dog lessons, I got permission to take a class with him.

Paul en Geraldine

Byron en Jeslyn



August 26 2007

Jeslyn and Skye went to show in Rotterdam NL. Jeslyn got 2nd place in the Baby Class. Skye took 1st place and also won best of baby puppy. In the honour ring Skye was in 6th place of over 25 baby puppies.

I am so proud of that 1st win!



July 30 2007

A month has gone by already.  Time flies.  We went on holiday to Luxembourgh - very nice country.  We had lots of bad weather, but I went on lots of walks, the countryside is beautiful.  The puppies are already 4 months old and I have received lots of nice pictures of the pupsfrom the other families. I entered Jeslyn in the baby class in Rotterdam just for fun.


Skye 15 weeks




June 30 2007

Jeslyn and Byron have a lot of fun together. But tomorrow Byron leaves for his new home.  I am really going to miss him as he is so smart and so full of love.


June 17 2007

The puppies are 9 weeks old and they are a lot of fun!

Byron 9 weeks                                                            Skye 9 weeks

Onyx 9 weeks

Gimli 9 weeks


June 9 2007

Three puppies are off to their new homes. Byron stays a little bit longer! He goes to his new home around July 1. Jeslyn may grow up here! We hope she become a beautiful lady!

The pen is gone. We have put away the webcam. I want to say thanks to all the people who watched and wrote me lovely e-mails about our puppies!

Thank you so much for looking at our puppies!


June 5 2007

We had a great puppy day last saturday. All new puppy owners were here, also the owners of Blackjack and of course Blackjack! Next weekend most of the puppies leave for their new homes,  we're going to  miss them! We hope that all puppies  have a great lives !


May 25 2007

Today we went to a vet  clinic for the eye check and  Dr A. Heijn tested all puppies. All puppies  were free of any eye defects. We are proud of our puppies!!


May 24 2007

The puppies get their  identification today. The chipper from our Kennelclub gave each pup a chip . The puppies  were very  brave! Times really flies , the puppies are already 5 1/2 weeks old! Soon we go for the eye check! I regularly put new photos of the puppies on my website


April 28 2007

All puppies  are spoken for! I found very good homes for them! The female will stay here, her name will be:

Moddey Cloh Step Bi Step call name Jeslyn!


April 26 2007

I am regularly putting new picturs on my website. Every week there are new pictures as stated under the weekly page


April 24 2007

The puppies are already 1 week old. Times  flies when you're  having fun! The puppies are fat and  healthy .Ivy takes good care of them but would rather  lay beside the welping box then in the welping box !

I want to thank everyone for their congrats! We are so proud of our first litter. We hope they will become strong , healthy and  active puppies!


April 20 2007

The names of the puppies are:

Moddey Cloh Step Bi Step
Moddey Cloh Bi My Side
Moddey Cloh Stand Bi Me
Moddey Cloh In Bi Tween
Moddey Cloh Bi my Guardian


April 17 2007

The puppies and Ivy are doing great!! The puppies  growing nicely.


April 16 2007

5 puppies are born 2 bi-blue males 2 bi-black males and 1 bi-black female

Pictures are coming soon!!


April 15 2007

Ivy's her temperature is dropping, we hope that the puppies will be born quickly! She is  making nests and you can see the labour starts.

March 15 2007

We took an ultrasound of Ivy and she is pregnant! Puppies are due April 18.


March 11 2007

We went to Crufts this weekend and Ivy did very well. We did not place but we met a lot of new people and many people wanted to see Ivy. We had a lot of fun and we are proud that we showed Ivy at Crufts!


January 9 2007

Happy Birthday Ivy!!!!! Ivy turned two years today.


January 1 2007

Moddey Cloh wish everyone a great and healty 2007


December 18 2006

We have Ivy tested for MDR 1 and I get the results today . Ivy is MDR 1 Normal!
We are very pleased with this result!


December 16 2006

Today we had obedience exams. Ivy earned her G&GB and Dusty had the highest level you can get G&G3. We are so proud of him! He is born to work with me!


December 6 2006

We wish everyone a Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


December 3 2006

We went to our last show this year! Ivy get a 4th excellent. We are content with this results. I am planning our trip to the UK for Crufts and in the summer we will breed Ivy for her first litter! We have a very exciting year coming up!


November 19 2006

We went to Kortrijk Belgium and Ivy get her first CAC CACIB! We are very proud of her!


October 21 2006

We had our Sheltie Club Match today. Ivy took 4th place of a entry of 17 females. I am proud of her because there was a lot of competition!


October 1 2006 Dusty and I had a obedience competition. We had a lot of fun. But we did not win :-)

June 24 2006 Ivy won her youth class today and became:

Belgian Junior Winner 2006
Qualified for Crufts 2007

June 22 2006 I took Ivy to the vet to control her eyes. And Ivy is free of PRA/CEA/Cataract.
I am so happy about that!!

June 7 2006

I added a new page called puppies


June 6 2006

We tested Ivy's eyes for DNA CEA/CH and Ivy's eyes are free!
We are so proud of the results!

Test Performed: CEA/CH test Test Results: Genotype of your dog is Normal.
Risk for developing Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia (CEA/CH):
This dog will never develop CEA/CH.
Significance for breeding:
This dog can be bred to any mate and will produce no pups affected with CEA/CH.


May 16 2006

Merlin is Autralian Champion!!

Alderforest Down Under

Alderforest Down Under


April 30 2006

We were at Chesapeake all breed show [ USA] And Ivy won her class today!! Yeah!


April 27 2006

Today we showed at the national in the USA!

Ivy had no placement, but we had a great time!

April 16 2006

Happy Easter for everyone!


April 5 2006

Ivy had her hips tested and she get HD A Norberg waarde 40 !!

We are thrilled with the results!


March 26 2006

We went to Luxembourgh show and Ivy earned an 3rd Excellent


March 18 2006

Ivy earned today a 5th Excellent on show in Goes!


February 5 2006

Today Ivy became

Luxembourgs Youht Champion 2006

We are so excited !!

February 2 2006

We went to show again and Ivy earned 3 Excellent. We are so proud of her!


January 15 2006

Ivy earned 1 excellent in Nürnber Germany and the CAC- J VDH


January 9 2006

Ivy turned 1 year today! Congratulations Ivy !


December 22 2005

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


December 4 2005

We go to show in Amsterdam and Ivy get 4 ZG [ Very well]


November 5 2005

Ivy get 2 Excellent on show in Bleiswijk [NL]


October 22 2005

Ivy won the youht class at our Club match 2005 . The entry was 30 dogs! I am proud of Ivy!

1 Exellent

October 15 2005

We went to show in Dortmund Germany and Ivy won the titel

"Deutscher Bundes jugend Sieger 2005" and she is qualified for Crufts!

Tracy thank you for this gorgeous girl!

1 exellent

October 8 2005

Ivy is now 9 months old and we are thrilled with her. 15 October we will go to her first official show. We can't wait to go there!

15 October 2005       CAC CACIB Show Dortmund Germany


September 26 2005

We are going to the USA Nationals in April 2006 in Virginia. We will bring Ivy with us and will show her at the National. I am already excited about our plans! Will Keep you posted!


August 28 2005

Ivy had her first show and earned 1st very promising puppy ! I am so proud of her! The judge gave me a big compliment about training Ivy!


August 16 2005

I starting a new page showing show results.


August 12 2005

Ivy and I are starting our show career!

28 Augustus 2005      CAC CACIB Show Rotterdam [NL]
15 October 2005       CAC CACIB Show Dortmund Germany
22 October 2005       CAC CACIB Show Sheltie Club Match in the Bilt [NL]
5 November 2005      CAC CACIB Show Show in Bleiswijk [NL]
4 December 2005      CAC CACIB Show The Winner in Amsterdam [NL]


August 8 2005

We are back from holiday and Ivy is turning out to a very nice young lady. In August we will go to Rotterdam our first show. And to Dortmund Germany in October.

Ivy 's brother just arrived in Germany. The kennel name is Shamrock river. Congratulations fam. Engel with this beautiful boy!

Merlin became second on the Australiën Clumber show! I am so proud of him!

Alderforest Down Under  

Here you have his pictures from the show!


Juni 13 2005

Congratulations Dusty on your 6th birthday!!


June 11 2005

Ivy had her first show today! And she won from all puppies . She earned her first trophie! We are so proud of Ivy!


May 21 2005

Ivy won the first place for puppy obedience! And Dusty became on the 4th place GG 3. I am so proud !


May 8 2005

Ivy is doing great! She started teething on May 6.

April 28 2005

I added new photo's.


April 21 2005

I added new photos and new links.


April 20 2005

Today a member from our Dutch kennelclub checked Ivy and microchip her. Everything was alright! Tracy thank you for your help with the papers!


April 17 2005

We went to show in Antwerp with the Springerspaniel Obsession in Blue English Fibie. And we won our class 1 U and we get the reserve CAC CACIB. We got second place in the bitch group! Tinka thank you so much for your trusting to handling Fibie!!  

April 13 2005

Today Kenny the cairn has his birthday he is one year old now. Kenny congratulations!!Ivy is amazing! She is an open minded sheltie an not afraid of anything! We are thrilled with her! You did a good job Tracy! Thank you for that.

April 9 2005

I won with The Clumber Alderforest Duty Free 1 U CAC CACIB in Goes the Netherlands. Thank you Elseline for the trusting me for handling Megan!

March 31 2005

I placed a new guestbook on the website.

March 21 2005

We are thrilled about our new puppy, she has arrived from the USA !

March 3 2005 

We placed new winter photo's

February 15 2005 

I added new pictures from the puppies!

February 2 2005      

I added the pictures of the litter from Tracy !!

January21 2005

All puppies are doing fine, Aleta and Tracy thank you so much for the opportunity to make a choice from both litters!!

January 10 2005  

Puppies are born by Tracy, I can choose from both litters.

December 30 2004

Puppies are born by Aleta , hopely there is a puppy to start my kennel with.

                                                   See girls.

December 29 2004

We wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


November 7 2004

We went to the Cairn terrier clubmatch with Kenny the puppy from my mother and he earned beloved puppy (look at the handling page)


October 17 2004

Today I passed my exam for dog instructor by Cynophilia( Royal Dutch Kennel Club).


October 13 2004

I changed the site and placed new photos


September 15 2004  

I placed new photos and an new page with dogs I handled


September 5 2004 

I went to show with Fiebie to the Springer Spaniel clubmatch and we get a 3 ecxelent! Thank  you Tinka for the opportunity to show her!


August 23 2004

I placed new photos of our vacation


June 27 2004

Dusty and i get our diploma obedience 2 (GG2)


June 26 2004

My mother get her cairn puppy male named Kenny     


June 15 2004   

Refresh news photos and links

May 25 2004

Update from the link page


May 12 2004

I put some new photo's on the site.


April 11 2004

Happy Easter to you all, and I put some new photo's on my site.


April 8 2004

Merlin is finally home. Gayle called me and he is all right. When he heard my voice Merlin was so happy!


April 3 2004 

Merlin goes home in six days. He is doing fine in Quarantine kennel    


March 18 2004   

Merlin has a good flight and everything is alright with him. He has already a good time in Australia. On his pages I put his last photos.

March 3 2004 

Merlin his qarantine test are good and we have the green light to ship him to Australia on 7 March 2004. Merlin we will miss you deeply.

                             Merlin thanks for your beautiful friendship. 

February 27 2004

I placed new photos on the web-sit


February 21 2004   

Merlin won his puppy class on the Veluwe show in the Netherlands


January 21 2004

We placed our web site for the first time on the net.


January 14 2004  

 On 13 January 2004 Aleta had puppies born by Whisperwind kennels in America . I am on a waiting list by Aleta to get a bi-blue female.There was no Bi-blue female available.  



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