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They are my foundation for the love of dogs !!!

From left to the right: Claudy, Britta and Astor

Claudy was my black German Shepherd. We had so much fun together. She was always by my side. Britta and Astor were my father's dogs, they were a great team. My father also trained dogs and did police competitions with them. My mother showed the dogs. They were great dogs! Astor become 16 , Britta 9 and Claudy 10 years. I still miss them

Wales July 2018

July 2016 last picture of the 4.
Ivy died sudden 3 days later

June 2016  
May 2016  
  Stormbarier March 2015
Luxemburg 2015
Camping Luxemburg 2015
France 2015
Stormbarier 2014
Keukenhof 2015
Jeslyn, Stacey, Ivy, Brayleigh 2014
Brody, Jeslyn, Stacey Brody, Jeslyn, Stacey, Ivy
Ivy, Duncan, Stacey, Jeslyn, Tristan Stacey & Tristan
Dona, Stacey, Jeslyn, Ivy, Dusty
Stacey [2]   Jeslyn [5]   Ivy [7]   Dusty[13]
Jeslyn & Nio
Mother and Son
Dusty 11,5   Ivy 6    Jeslyn 3,5   Stacey 8,5 months
Stacey and Jeslyn
Vickey & Nio
Moddey Cloh Something different
Jeslyn,Onyx, Ivy, Dusty, Espirit, Choise, Blackjack, Caramel
In Ostria by Kärntner shelties!
Picture Martijn van den Heuvel

mother & daughter!!!!
Februari 1 2008

Groep dec
December 11 2007
Jeslyn, Ivy, Dusty
September 8 2007
Rennen Allen
Running on the dike
Dusty, Jeslyn and Ivy
Spelen Spelen
December 19 2006

Fun on the dike!
GG 3 Dusty GG 3 Dusty

October 1 2006

We had a obedience competition, and we had a lot of fun together!

Dusty en Ivy

I am so sleepy!



Playing on a island on the Veerse lake the Netherlands



  Dusty and Ivy running and playing! 13 June 2005


Springtime beach fun

Dusty has so much fun running through the water looking for birds


Winter March 2005


My Boy!!


We are playing in the snow and it was fun!!


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